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Welcome to the Official Page of the South Australia Community Football League!

The South Australian Football League Incorporated (SACFL) is an Australian local football club that operates with authority from the South Australian National Football League granted by license to provide help and finance for associated clubs and leagues to ensure that the sport is played with every rule being followed.

The South Australia Community Football League has a constitution that regulates its’ activities; hence any person or club that submits to the authority of the South Australia Community Football League or recognises the power the SAFCL wields over it is bound by the provisions of the constitution and may be punished in accordance with the constitution whenever its’ provisions are flouted.

Leagues & Clubs

We are an autonomous corporate entity authorised by the SANFL to carry out various activities involving football. To foster grassroots participation in football, the South Australia community established about 24 clubs across different regions with one metropolitan league known as the South Australian Amateur football league (SAAFL), a women’s football league and six junior leagues comprising of boys and girls.


There are various teams and leagues under South Australian Football, including the senior team, women’s league and the junior football club. There are matches and tournaments organised now and then, and you catch all the fixtures updates, live scores and highlights on this website page. Over the years, football participation has grown considerably, and there are more fixed matches than ever before. We give updates on games before the match date and give you clues for betting predictions. 


An umpire is a sports official that governs the game per the rule of the sport. It is what is known as the referee in English football to address the director of the game. However, the term is used in football as it covers other sports such as tennis, baseball, cricket; among these sports is Australian football. The umpire ensures that while the game is ongoing, the players adhere to the rules that have been laid down over the years.


The rules that govern Australian football came into existence in 1859 by the Melbourne football club, and modifications have been made over the years as the game evolved and changed with the times. The highest governing body of Australian football is the AFL (Australian football league). Australian football laws are the rules that govern an Australian football match on and off the field.

Representative Football

Representative matches are played among clubs at the local level. It was said to be a tremendous honour to be selected among the representative team in times past. Although every player hopes to win a premiership with the club they play for, a football career is primarily determined by the number of accolades received. Hence, the drive to succeed is inherent in every player.

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