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Match Umpiring

An umpire is a sports official that governs the game per the rule of the sport. It is what is known as the referee in English football to address the director of the game. However, the term is used in football as it covers other sports such as tennis, baseball, cricket; among these sports is Australian football.

The umpire ensures that while the game is ongoing, the players adhere to the rules that have been laid down over the years and also charged with the responsibility of awarding points when a goal is scored, penalising players who do not adhere to the game and thus, serves as a sort of general impartial lord over the entirety of the game.

In football, there are various umpires, and these umpires make decisions during the game based on their professional knowledge of the game. However, the calls made by different umpires in various games differ based on the scenario that plays out before the referee, and he is at liberty to make use of discretion in making decisions while directing the game.

There are various types of umpires. They include field, boundary and goal. However, all three empires work in tandem to officiate and ensure the game goes on smoothly and is fair.

Field Umpire

The field umpire is usually in charge of officiating the whole match. You can usually our field umpires running from one end to the other following the play, positioning themselves strategically in such a way that will enable them to see if the rules of the game are being followed.

Low angle view of cricket umpire signalling six at match

Boundary Umpire

The boundary empires move on the field’s sidelines; they decide when the ball is played out-of-bounds by a particular team and return the ball to play by granting a throw into the other team.

Goal Umpire

The goal umpires are positioned at the goalposts on either end of the field; they make it known when a goal has been scored and are in charge of recording the score.

At SACFL, we provide adequate training programs for our umpires to aid their decision making on the field and enable them to officiate the game with such fairness. The training ensures their calls are spot on and beyond reproach. In essence, this training equips our umpires with a better understanding and knowledge of the game that informs their good sense of judgment’s call each time they are called upon to decide.

The character of an umpire should be unimpeachable. Stories of match-fixing make the rounds every once in a while, and so, it is expected that the referee should carry out his officiating duties diligently.

We welcome applications from fans and enthusiasts who would like to try at becoming an umpire. No special skills are required except that you must undergo our training and pass the end test. The benefits of becoming an umpire at SACHL are numerous. For instance, we provide mentorship programs for our aspiring umpires.

Also, retired players who still have much love for the sport may transition to the umpire.

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