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About Us

The South Australian Football League Incorporated (SACFL) is an Australian local football club that operates with authority from the South Australian National Football League granted by license to provide help and finance for associated clubs and leagues to ensure that the sport is played with every rule being followed.

The South Australia Community Football League has a constitution that regulates its’ activities; hence any person or club that submits to the authority of the South Australia Community Football League or recognises the power the SAFCL wields over it is bound by the provisions of the constitution and may be punished in accordance with the constitution whenever its’ provisions are flouted.

The South Australia Community Football League comprises ten board of Directors with its offices situated at Adelaide Oval and is operated by three staff members, and each zone has a coordinator. These zones include

  • Central Zone (Northern Areas, North East, Adelaide Plains, Yorke Peninsula, Hills)
  • Northern Zone (Whyalla, Woomera and Districts, Spencer Gulf, Broken Hill)
  • Western Zone (Port Lincoln, Great Finders, Mid – West, Eastern Eyre, Far West)
  • South-East Zone (Mid – South East and River Murray Football Leagues and clubs within the state of South Australia)
  • Eastern Zone (Barossa, Light and Gawler, Riverland, Mallee)

These zones each have an advisory council delegate who, in conjunction with the Metropolitan Football Advisory Council, is in charge of the women league and the amateur club and act in an advisory role to the South Australia Community Football League board to the regulation of the league.

The South Australia Community Football League is aided by the leagues and clubs associated with it, with an agreed fee and levy being paid. The SACFL also has sponsors that help provide funding with which the SAFCL provides for the clubs and leagues under its banners.

We are the highest governing body for the management of Australian Football Rules in the South Australia community. Therefore, we regulate the players’ pay in the league and investigate cases where there has been a violation by clubs of the player payment rule. The investigation committee is made up of two persons and their proxies. We also undertake the responsibility for disciplining players and officials when they flout the laws and regulations spelt out in the constitution.

Our powers and functions also include:

  • Appointment of a regional state team that represent the Regional Affiliated Leagues in interstate competitions and representative matches. In this regard, we also make recommendations for the coach and assistant coach positions
  • Handling mergers of two or more clubs into one entity. Where this is the case, the players of both clubs are duly registered and may be regarded as players of the new club

It must be noted that Teams registered under the SAFCL are not permitted to play games against clubs that are not associated with the SACFL unless the board gives its permission for such a match to be played.

Our Goal and Mission

Our primary goal is to promote local participation in football in various communities to avoid the extinction of such a culture.

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